Austin Classical Academy Staff

Campus Director - Miriam Spiller-Troilo

Administrative Assistant - Alexis Zapata

Kindergarten - Tiina Drab

2nd Math and Science - Kimberly Ibarra

2nd ELAR and History - Valerie Montez

3rd ELAR and History - Bonnie Snow

3rd Math and Science - Lynda Fields

4th ELAR and History - Kayla Gonzales

4th Math, Science and History - Harper Pizzimenti

5th-8th Reading - Susan Lambeck

5th-8th Writing - Pamela Baggett

5th-8th History/ESL Teacher - Ruth Frisenda

5th-8th Science - Kamani De Silva

5th - 8th Math - Pierce Reed

Math Specialist - Guliz Kraft

Reading Specialist - Alysa Friemel

SPED Teacher - Carolyn Caridine

CNP - Erica Mancias

SPED Aides - Megan Abel

Roxzann Pardo

Instructional Aides - Catherine Peterson

Laura Mancias

Carolyn Pardo